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Suppressor B&T SMG/PDW compact QD, cal. 9 mm

Suppressor B&T SMG/PDW compact QD, cal. 9 mm

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Brand B&T Suppressors
B&T Suppressors

Висококачествени швейцарски супресори на известната марка B&T с опит над 30 години в производството им.

Probably the best selling silencer in the world!
This suppressor is specially designed for use on the B&T APC9 and HK MP5 platforms. But it is equally suitable for use with any other pistol or carbine in 9 mm caliber. Thanks to the 3-ear lock, it can be mounted / dismounted on all weapons with a similar barrel lock (MP5, MP5K, APC9, P26, KH9, GHM9, etc.) in seconds. It is used by many special forces as well as by police forces around the world.

Задайте вашите въпроси и ние ще ги публикуваме тук!

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