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Crossbow NXG JagTwo 175 lbs

Crossbow NXG JagTwo 175 lbs

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Information about NXG Crossbow JagTwo 175 lbs camo

The JagTwo fom NXG is a modern designed crossbow made of sturdy plastic. With the Bullup trigger placed further up, it fits better in the hand and offers more precision. In addition to the crossbow, the set also includes a red dot sight, a quiver, 3 aluminum arrows, a draw assistant and string wax.

- Trigger with dry shot protection
- Reinforced, adjustable composite shaft

- Arrow length: 41 cm (16 ")
- Limb span: 28 cm
- Length: 78 - 84 cm

Draw weight 175 lbs
Spread 280 mm
Overall Length 780 - 840 mm
Weight 2220 g


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